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BloomBites: Do All Startups Need Venture Capital? | 1/22/19

by Neal Bloom
There’s a great New York Times article by Erin Griffith and Twitter conversation happening right now centered around the question, do all startups need venture capital? It’s a great question, and the obvious answer is no. San Diego specifically, while we have seen larger amounts of capital come into the region recently, has a history of building some big tech companies without the immediate need for venture capital. An example would be GoFundMe, which bootstrapped for the first seven years after founding before raising its first round. Or read in today’s Fresh Brewed Tech  IMPACT series article about a local entrepreneur who chose the non-profit route for his needed funding.
While startups do typically differ from small businesses by growing at faster rates and therefore typically needing outside funding, there are other models that benefit the right kind of company. What do you think? What are some other examples of San Diego companies maintaining hyper growth without large venture capital rounds?

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