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Digitizing the Meal Prep Industry with Ted Stearns

by Neal Bloom

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Ted Stearns is the CEO of Meallogix, an e-commerce platform company that provides meal prep and restaurant delivery automation software for meal prep operators. 

Before starting Meallogix, Stearns was a casual customer of meal prep. His girlfriend at the time was a meal prep business owner, so he was accustomed to the backend operations of this industry. He was shocked to learn that there wasn’t digital software available for meal prep operators, and that many used paper, which leads to more than 30 hours being spent writing recipes and taking transactions. He believed that providing a software platform would help these entrepreneurs work more efficiently, and began to put his idea to work.

Meallogix had an overwhelming amount of interest from meal prep companies, which gave Stearns the market validation that this was a solution people needed. The platform launch was successful and allowed companies to scale even faster. The precious 30 hours spent on administrative tasks was digitally condensed to 30 minutes, allowing entrepreneurs to use their time to market themselves or focus on other operations. 

During the pandemic, the meal prep and food delivery industries saw incredible growth due to increasing interest in consumers buying pre-made meals, with 85% of meal prep companies that used Meallogix seeing substantial growth. Listen to Ted Stearns share his story on making an impact through helping other entrepreneurs and how Meallogix is rapidly expanding to provide more resources to digitize the meal prep industry. 


His favorite local tacos:

Ted: Mitch’s Seafood in Point Loma


Connect with Ted: 

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Learn more about Meallogix:

Website: https://www.meallogix.com/

Facebook: @meallogix

Instagram: @meallogix.co



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