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Digitizing the Insurance Industry with Jon Corrin

by Neal Bloom

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Jon Corrin is Co-Founder and CEO of XILO, a software company that eliminates the time-consuming manual data entry for insurance agents, automating many of their standard processes. 

Jon grew up in Dover, Del., and attended the University of Delaware. During his time there, he worked on his first startup, Atlas, with his best friend who moved to San Diego upon completion of his education at the Naval Academy. Inspired by the lonely drive many college students have to make when commuting home for breaks, Atlas was a long distance rideshare company that allowed users to carpool with one another. His friend, the company’s developer, was deployed overseas and could no longer provide technical support. Jon lacked coding experience, and could not raise enough funds to hire on another developer. As a result, Atlas came to a halt. 

Jon wanted to build another company, but didn’t want the inability to code to be a limiting factor. To make ends meet, he worked as an Uber driver. He found a way to make time for both coding and Ubering during his day, working on projects whenever he got the chance. 

Shortly after, Jon found himself in San Diego, working as a business analyst and eventually as software engineer at PRA Health Sciences. He looked for industries that could benefit from software use, so he called up his friend Eli Zaragoza, who ran an insurance agency. Eli, now the President and Co-Founder of XILO, had shown Jon his business’s inefficiencies which indicated the need for a better software. Then came XILO.

Following the company’s first formal seed round, the team has been able to hire two full-time account executives and two engineers. This year, XILO is projected to make five times the revenue it did last year. 

Listen in to hear about Jon’s rather unique journey into the San Diego tech ecosystem and how XILO plans to digitize insurance and other service industries.

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