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David Rose of SuperSight: The Future of AR

by Neal Bloom

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  • David gives an overview of what SuperSight is [02:06]
  • David shares his background and IoT has iterated over time [04:11]
  • David talks about the direct relevance of consumers wanting to understand their data [06:03]
  • What is calm computing? [07:00]
  • David talks about technology-embedded services and why some companies haven’t offered them yet [08:40]
  • David shares the advantages of having the AR tools we have today for companies [09:46]
  • How do you bring more people into the AR or metaverse environment? [12:02]
  • David explains what Google navigation AR experience is [13:51]
  • Where is David guiding and advising people to focus on when it comes to investing for their own company [17:53]
  • David shares how AR is going to play a part in travel interactions and why he’s excited about companies focusing on how to specialize in critiquing a product. [19:28]
  • What are digital twins and their special features? [21:47]
  • Where is the conversation of the human aspect of the AR meta piece right now? [24:26]
  • David shares the kind of people he enjoys working with and why [28:34]
  • David shares his favorite taco spot, Boloco [29:48]


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