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Craig Cecilio – Founder & CEO of DiversyFund

by Neal Bloom
Craig Cecilio

Craig Cecilio is the founder & CEO of DiversyFund, a fintech platform created to build wealth for anybody regardless of their net worth and socioeconomic background. Craig grew up in Connecticut in a middle-class family. He had always wanted to venture out to the west coast and finally did so after attending college in Colorado.

In his first couple of years living in sunny San Diego, Craig spent time working odd jobs and building relationships in the local community. He also immersed himself in the real estate industry, soaking up as much information as he could. After the recession hit, a colleague of Craig’s came up with the idea to take advantage of the low real estate pricing, so he banded together with some investors and began to purchase real estate. In 2015, he dissolved that company to focus on DiversyFund, which he formed in August 2016.

In November 2018, DiversyFund became qualified by the SEC to offer investment to anyone regardless of socioeconomic background. The fully-online platform is open to anyone in the United States, with a minimum requirement of $2.500. It is intended to help people diversify their portfolio, hence the name. In the next couple of years, Craig plans on introducing another product, like a venture fund or another alternative investment.

Additionally, Craig shares what he loves about living in Downtown San Diego. He also shares his favorite local taco spot and his favorite adult beverage.

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Craig enjoys the many great offerings in San Diego, including:
Tacos at Tacos Stand
Coffee at Influx and Achilles, both downtown
He also enjoys sipping on Yamazaki 18 Year Whisky

Keep up with Craig on social media:
Twitter – @CraigCecilio & @DiversyFund

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