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Connecting & Protecting Communities Through Internet with Cox

by Neal Bloom

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Given how much technology has been integrated in our daily lives, the Internet is constantly connecting us to friends and information through devices ranging from our smartphones to our laptops. However, we don’t give much thought to the vast network of infrastructures involved that allow us to take advantage of this resource. Cox Communications & Cox Business have contributed heavily towards developing that network for over six million individuals in 18 different states, and today, we chat with some of the key players making that happen..

Listen in as Neal Bloom chats with Cox Communications’ VP of Technology, Engineering and Operations, Brent Bowers, and Cox Business’s Director of Enterprise Sales, Daniel Martinez. The trio discuss the technology behind these Cox organizations, and the impact they have on communities across the nation,

Brent explains that his role at Cox Communications focuses on the engineering operations of technical facilities, such as maintenance of the data center buildings, and installation and management of the networks for their fiber-based services. In his role at Cox Business, Daniel handles the commercial services side of Cox Communications, and works with large public and private organizations within San Diego, in sectors such as hospitality and government. 

Brent gets technical and details the process of connecting homes to the Internet with an example of web browsing, in which he highlights the importance of an IP address used to identify a web page and how a user’s personal browser requests for that address from a web server. In a series of packet exchanges across the local access network, these requests go through various infrastructures, such as cable modems and routers, and always are looking for the best routing decision to get to the Internet destination.

Brent notes fiber has been at the core of Cox’s network since the early 90s. Additionally, routers serve as a huge component of the network backbone, in which Cox currently operates with 100 GB of bandwidth connections. They plan on advancing to 400 GB or even TB connections in the next few years.

A modern approach and application within network cybersecurity infrastructure is the Ubiquity system, a commercial-grade WiFi and routing system based on a software defined networking (SDN) capability, which allows network connections to come together in a simplified manner. SDN allows customers to have more control and flexibility over how their networks and applications function.

As important as it is to have these resources and infrastructure available and optimized for Internet connectivity, the security and protection of the users are paramount to void any attacks on personal information and maintain access to the Internet. Within Cox Communications, there are three main facets they focus on for securing their networks: physical security, logical security, and people. Physical security refers to badges, biometric scanners, and multi-factor authentication, among other things, meanwhile logical security focuses on a robust design that minimizes exposure to the public Internet, establishing firewall protections, and incorporating encryption, among other things. The people facet encompasses comprehensive training and policies and automated systems that defend against phishing, social engineering, or even a physical breach of your premises. Daniel adds that generally, the greatest vulnerability is not the network, it’s the users, who can have a lack of diligence when it comes to passwords or falling for scam emails

Daniel speaks more broadly about network security from a business perspective, in that it can be difficult to understand all the intricacies and vulnerabilities of a network. Businesses should take advantage of using a manager search provider to guide them through the different ways their network can be compromised and their customers need to be proactive in learning of the technical updates in their software to have some basic understanding.


Brents’s favorite local tacos: Cauliflower tacos at Lola 55


Daniel’s favorite local tacos: Shredded beef tacos at Las Cuatro Milpas and Chiquitas


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