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Connecting Local Makers to Shoppers with Shop My Porch

by Neal Bloom

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Phyllis Hong, CEO and founder of Shop My Porch, a social commerce platform that connects makers with shoppers in their local community for free. Founded in 2021 during the pandemic, the application is a combination of Etsy, Facebook, and Nextdoor, all-in-one. This week, host Neal Bloom sits down with Phyllis and co-founders Priscilla Zubia Townshend, Peter Townshend to discuss the company’s beginnings and how far it’s come.

Phyllis has always had a strong interest in business, marketing, and sales. She founded startups focused on consulting and the retail industry. Her experience paved the way to the creation of Shop My Porch, which was inspired by her time at home during the pandemic. Using equipment at home, she made ornaments and sold them on Facebook as a hobby. One day, she decided to sell her ornaments on the porch, hanging them on Christmas trees, giving her front yard a boutique aesthetic. Phyllis posted on three local facebook groups for moms, and sold over 1,000 ornaments that first weekend. The first porch was officially open and soaring in business sales! 

The following week had 30 makers, and the idea accelerated and picked up a line of its own. Priscilla was originally a buyer, and was an avid supporter of Shop My Porch, and was joined by her husband, Peter, who was intrigued by the innovative name and idea. Together, the team spent half of 2021 building the application and launched in San Diego and other city groups. 

The platform is now working to expand out of Southern California, and actively involves itself in local communities and outreach to give back to the residents. Listen to Phyllis, Priscilla, and Peter share their experiences that helped make the app what it is today.


Their favorite local tacos:

Phyllis: The Taco Stand in Encinitas

Priscilla: Lucha Libre Taco Shop in San Diego

Peter: Miguel’s Cocina in 4S Ranch, street tacos in Tijuana


Connect with them:

Phyllis Hong

Peter Townshend

Priscilla Zubia Townshend


Learn more about Shop My Porch:

Website: https://shopmyporch.com/ 

Facebook: @shopmyporch

Twitter: @shopmyporch 

Instagram: @shopmyporch



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