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Connect All Spotlight with Jasmine Sadler

by Neal Bloom

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Jasmine Sadler is the Founder and CEO of The STEAM Collaborative, which focuses on advocacy for science, technology, engineering and mathematics education through an artistic lens. The STEAM Collaborative works with community-based organizations, informal educators, and museums to design, implement, and manage team education programs. 

Growing up in Detroit, Jasmine was always encouraged to try new things, from dance to gymnastics. She always loved math and rather excelled at it, tutoring other kids in her 8th grade algebra class. Her math journey continued as she pursued outside, informal engineering programs where she eventually stumbled upon the aerospace field. She earned her Bachelor’s in Aerospace Engineering from Michigan University, and would eventually take a job as a defense contractor in Indianapolis. However, creating dangerous weapons for the military presented a moral dilemma and eventually pushed her out of the field and into another position at Solar Turbines in San Diego. 

Jasmine talks about how she always had an entrepreneurial mindset, selling candy and homemade crafts to other students. This pushed her towards an MBA at Point Loma Nazarene University. From there, she thought about what she was willing to do for free and decided on tutoring. This led to the creation of The STEAM Collaborative. 

With informal education being crucial to her career path, Jasmine wanted to open the same experience to underserved communities. With the onset of COVID-19, many schools’ math curriculums fell to the wayside, creating an opportunity for Jasmine to do more than just tutor. 

Listen in as host Neal Bloom talks with Jasmine about the impact of informal education and The STEAM Collaborative’s plans for the future, as well as her experience as a recent CONNECT ALL @ the Jacobs Center graduate. 

Jasmine’s favorite local tacos: Lupe’s in Linda Vista 

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