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Chad Sweet – Co-Founder & CEO of ModalAI

by Neal Bloom

Chad Sweet is the co-founder and CEO of ModalAI, a tech company that provides autonomy solutions for robots, and more recently, drones.

Chad got into the drone industry as an engineer in Qualcomm’s robotics department. The research and development he was involved in was focused primarily on autonomous robots when a few employees began discussing the possibility of a standalone company.

In 2018, Chad and two others took that chance and left Qualcomm, officially creating Modal AI. The company focuses on the most cutting-edge autonomous technology, catering state-of-the-art AI tech to the demands of small businesses in the drone market. Additionally, Chad and his team have also worked alongside many government initiatives to boost national efforts related to robotics. 

Tune in to hear about Chad’s journey as an entrepreneur in San Diego’s autonomous tech industry and get the scoop on his favorite taco spot in San Diego.

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Chad’s favorite local tacos:

Fish tacos from Roberto’s Taco Shop

Connect with Chad: 


Twitter: @sweetcw3 

Keep up with ModalAI: 



Twitter: @modal_ai

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