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Capital Rounds: San Diego Tech Scene – 5/25/18

by Neal Bloom

As we saw in Parts One & Two, momentum is building in the San Diego community as new venture capital firms bring capital to the region and experienced entrepreneurs and their companies have successful exits. Our next point of study is the acceleration of capital raises in early and late stage rounds.

San Diego companies are raising capital both locally and throughout the country from top venture firms. Below is a sample of both early & late stage funding rounds for tech companies.

Sample of 2017 Early Stage Institutional Tech Financings:

·     Approved – $1M with Social Capital, Graph Ventures, Precursor Ventures

·     Zesty.io – $1.5M with ClearVision Equity, Keshif Ventures

·     Tortuga Logic – $2M with Eclipse Ventures

·     Doctible – $2.2M with ClearVision Equity, Keshif Ventures

·     CourseKey – $2.8M with Tech Coast Angels, Bisk Ventures, Ingram

·     Scorestream – $3.7M with Intel Capital, Verizon Ventures, R/GA, Sinclair Broadcast

·     Agentology – $4.5M with Freestyle Capital, Entry Ventures

·     Echo Labs – $7M with Dolby Family Ventures, Tech Coast Angels

·     Soci – $8.5M with Vertical Venture, Tallwave Capital

·     Cloudbeds – $9M with PeakSpan, ClearVision Equity

·     HouseCall – $11M with Baird Capital

·     Shield.ai – $10.5M A16z, Homebrew, Founder Collective, Bloomberg Beta

·     SkySafe – $11.5M with A16Z, Naval Ravikant, SV Angel, Semil Shah

·     Aira – $12M with Jazz Ventures, Felicis Ventures, Lux Capital, Arch Ventures

Sample of 2017 Later Stage Tech Financings:

·     Hookit – $16M with Arrowroot Capital

·     Aquam – $26M with Credit Suisse, NewWorld Capital

·     SmartDrive – $40M with Michelin America

·     Kyriba – $45M with HSBC

·     Tealium – Series E with Citi Ventures

·     Brain Corp – $114M with SoftBank, Qualcomm Ventures

The funnel of maturing companies continues to grow which is great for the region as more tech jobs are created. Thanks for sharing, commenting, and providing topic ideas for future blog posts. Feel free to leave me anonymous feedback by texting ‘nealbloom’ to 24365

Your San Diego Tech Ambassador,



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