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Building Startup Communities with Investor, Entrepreneur & Author Brad Feld

by Neal Bloom

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Brad Feld has been a venture capital investor and entrepreneur since 1987, and is one of the co-founders behind Techstars, a much-touted global accelerator for early stage startups. He has written numerous books, including 2012’s Startup Communities, which guided thousands of leaders to build startup communities in their own cities. The book was inspired by Brad’s fascination with the idea of a city or community that helps startups and entrepreneurship thrive, as well as the Boulder, Colo. startup scene’s success. At the time, these clusters did not have an official name, and many people were unfamiliar with the concept. 

The sequel, The Startup Community Way, is hot off the presses and documents the strategy, dynamics, tactics, and long-term perspective required for building communities of entrepreneurs who can feed off of each other’s talent, creativity, and support.

Brad has co-authored other books, such as Do More Faster and Venture Deals: Be Smarter Than Your Lawyer and Venture Capitalist, which are also “bibles”  among many entrepreneurs.

Brad started his first company, Feld Technologies, in 1987, and later sold it to a public company. He used the profits over the next few years to invest in over 40 companies, including Harmonix.

Tune in to this special edition of the Tacos & Tech Podcast to hear more about Brad’s viewpoint on startup communities today and why every city should foster a vibrant one.

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Brad’s favorite Boulder, Colo. tacos:

Spicy veggie or shrimp tacos at T/ACO


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Twitter: @bfeld


Read Brad’s new book, The Startup Community Way.

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