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Brook & Rema – Co-Founders of Cup O’ Sugar

by Neal Bloom

Brook Sheehan and Rema Abedkader are the co-founders behind Cup O’ Sugar, a mobile app that allows neighbors to connect over sharing and requesting food ingredients.

Single moms and close friends for nine years, Brook and Rema originally got their app idea when they were missing a vital ingredient for a recipe. Rema texted a neighbor of hers and managed to get the ingredient, leading them to question whether they could take an old-school philosophy of neighbor support and convert it to mobile technology.

They began their work in 2017 and the app finally launched in 2018. Both Brook and Rema discussed how their personal goals feed directly into the app: Brook, who is super against food waste, and Rema, who thrives on community connections, agree that this app is a perfect combination of their personalities. 

Right now, due to COVID-19, their app is more popular than ever as users hope to find ingredients that their local grocery stores have run out of.

Tune in as Brook and Rema join host Neal Bloom and guest co-host Amy Chang, entrepreneur and angel investor, to discuss their journey as entrepreneurs in the San Diego tech scene.

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Brook and Rema’s favorite local tacos:

Taco Stand 



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