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Bloombites: Thankful | November 23, 2021

by Neal Bloom

A lot to be thankful for after a whirlwind year. Mostly, it’s you — leaders, connectors, builders, givers. I’m thankful for your attention, passion, and willingness to make our community better. 

We started FreshBrewedTech (FBT) to shout from the rooftop that San Diego is a tech destination worth knowing and great people are building great tech. Step one is about informing you and step two is about you sharing with your network. If you look at all of the social posts every time there’s a new fundraiser, that’s us all sharing in the success. 

So take the next week to be proud of where we’ve come.

And then next week, we get back to work because we’re not done. Far from it. 

We ride this wave to the next heights, which includes continuing to build great companies and taking our learnings to help new companies start, and recycle our time, talents, and capital.

Thanks for being a part of this epic ride!




Join us every Friday for our Fast Five SD Tech Stories on Clubhouse and recent recordings here:

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    • Juneshine is leading the new fast growing alcoholic kombucha category, raises new capital
    • Citadel Defense, drone defense company, is acquired
    • Support Startup San Diego’s #GivingTuesday campaign purely by shopping on Amazon. See more here


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