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The Four Comma Club in San Diego – 2/5/19

by Neal Bloom
The Four Comma Club in San Diego: While Amazon has become the second company to hit $1 trillion in valuation after Apple, the chase is still on for other FAANG (Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, Google) stocks. So, I thought it would be interesting to look at the relationship between the most popular tech stocks and San Diego. Currently, Amazon and Alphabet/Google have engineering offices in San Diego, on top of Amazon’s warehouses and having one of the first Amazon Stores in the UTC Mall.
The FAANGs have acquired some local companies, further fueling our ecosystem, including:
Facebook: QuickFire
Amazon: Harvest.ai
Apple: Emotient
Alphabet/Google: Urchin Software , Gizmo5 , Where2 , Lumedyne
As tech giants like Amazon expand their footprint in San Diego, and the validation of our tech ecosystem matures, the region will enter the national conversation, and more new talent will flock to the region. This will, no doubt, bring more technical and business expertise here, which will trickle down to our startups, therefore planting more seeds for success.

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