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Bloombites: February Fundings and New Faces | February 2, 2021

by Neal Bloom
Happy February, friends. It’s hard to believe everything that went down in January, let alone the past year, but that’s not detracting from the momentum that continues to build in our San Diego tech community. Fundings continued to happen at a blazing fast pace in January as you’ll see below in our funding section. We also continue to highlight what our local investors are investing in, including companies outside San Diego. While companies are raising funds, we need to make sure opportunity is happening equitably and ServiceNow is proving they are being the change with the launch of their $100M Racial Equity Fund.
Considering Valentine’s Day is coming up, love for our city is in the air with new people moving to town, including Jaime Schmidt and Chris Cantino, both previously of Portland-based Schmidt’s Naturals and now running Color Capital. Chris recently posted about why they are excited about San Diego in this tweet thread. We’re excited to have them too, so please give them a welcome.
Do you know other entrepreneurs who are moving here? A way to connect them and you further to our community is through the app Clubhouse, a new audio-only community. We’ve been hostly weekly Thursday 9 p.m. SD Startup Chats and we would love for you to join us. Reply to this email if you need an invite.
P.S. Help us understand how the pandemic has affected our local ecosystem by filling out this business survey.
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