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Bloombites: Diversity and Innovation in Entrepreneurship | 6/24/20

by Neal Bloom
The journey of an entrepreneur can be so wild, which is what we try to highlight on the Tacos & Tech Podcast . Speaking of entrepreneurship, on the heels of NASA/SpaceX’s manned launch to the Space Station, I gave a talk with Caitlin Wege and Tech Coast Angels on large scale liquid rocket propulsion and areas we can possibly invest in (video coming soon). We highlighted hot areas of interest in space junk cleanup and services related to tiny satellite building and launching, including 3D printing and telecom for satellite internet. It’s a space I hadn’t thought about for over six years, when I used to help test and launch the Space Shuttle. While I don’t live and breathe space day-to-day, it definitely instilled in me the absolute necessity of real data, which has influenced my role as a marketer today. Have another area of space exploration that’s hot for investment? Reply and let me know, and send me companies worth checking out too.

It’s these kinds of experiences that bring diversity to companies, and in this week’s podcast, Melani Gordon, co-founder of TapHunter/Evergreen, talks about her twisting and turning path that brought her to where she is today: launching a podcast, Fierce and Free , and a blog to help other entrepreneurs learn from adversity. I’ve been fortunate to work with Mel for six years while helping the San Diego startup ecosystem, specifically with Startup San Diego , of which she was a co-founder. Listen in to our chat and subscribe to her podcast!

Meanwhile, UCSD may be out of session for the summer, but student entrepreneurs keep working. Our TritonTech writer Tanvi Bajaj covers one of those startups, PAQ Wear in a great story.
Have a great week!

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