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Bloombites: Celebrating 2 Years!

by Neal Bloom
This week marks two years since we launched this newsletter. Since the beginning, our goal has always been to provide a voice to San Diego’s tech ecosystem, including entrepreneurs and startups that have flown under the radar. We also shine a light on our region’s tech roots, as well as resources to help enrich skills or better a business, and events to make a connection. Providing resources to underserved company founders is another goal.
The recent wave of nationwide protests focused on police brutality and Black Lives Matter has helped shine a light on inequality and systematic racism, which has reached a major tipping point. While protesting is one way to make our voices heard, we at Fresh Brewed Tech want to help in our own way, providing equal access to all entrepreneurs, especially those who are underserved. While I can’t claim to know racism the way others do, I do believe in being part of the solution. Beyond listening and educating myself, I hope to learn, connect, and amplify. The specific area that I can help is in company and career creation and advancement. I believe access enables opportunity and levels the playing field. Below is a list of local resources for underrepresented founders:
  • For those interested in starting a company, Arlan Hamilton, an investor in underrepresented founders, has a great course called How To Raise Capital. I will sponsor three of these courses for the first three people who reply.
  • Carlsbad’s Lolita Taub puts out a monthly newsletter of resources for founders of color.
  • The new Advancing San Diego initiative will help upskill our local technical talent, creating a bigger homegrown talent pool for our local companies. Sign up for training or to hire talent.
  • Connect ALL is the only (let’s change this) SD accelerator for diverse founders with low-to-moderate income. Support the incubated companies by getting to know them here.
  • San Diego Code School is now accepting applications for its brand new paid apprentice program. Get paid while learning to code!
Much like we did with our Covid-19 business resources , if you have stories or resources for underserved founders we can share on our platform, please send them to us!

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