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2018 Was Awesome – 2/5/19

by Neal Bloom
2018 was awesome, with a positive change in momentum in the San Diego tech ecosystem. On top of enthusiastic metrics in funding, exits, and new local funds, we as a community found our voice and inner evangelist. San Diego finally started to join the Twitter conversation around tech and spread the word beyond our own borders. SD Life Changing gave us a lot of talking points and we popped up on people’s radars outside of our region.
We need more of this. How? By sharing good content. Step one: Consume good content. Step two: Share the good content. That’s what we can do for our community in 2019. Spread the word on this dynamic ecosystem.
To see 2018 SD tech metrics and things I think we should watch for in 2019, check out my latest article here . Comment on the article on what your predictions are for 2019 and we’ll share them too.
And, if you missed any of our 2018 newsletters and original Fresh Brewed Tech content, click here .
Let’s get busy San Diego!

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