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April Wensel – The Tacos & Tech Podcast

by Neal Bloom

Meet April Wensel, founder of Compassionate Coding, which provides training curriculum for technical teams to build supportive, diverse, and inclusive cultures, implement better code review practices, and foster better communication between engineers and other employees.

Wensel’s love of computer games during her youth led her to software engineering in college and her career. After attending Pomona College, she moved to Silicon Valley to work in the software development world for companies such as Sony, edtech startup Zoodles, AI startup Cognoa, and others.

After witnessing a multitude of company cultures, she discovered how companies were ignoring empathy and only speaking to a specific type of engineer. With this in mind, she founded Compassionate Coding to effect positive change in a company’s culture.

At the Tacos and Tech event in Mountain View in 2017, Wensel met a lot of San Diego companies who were very open to speaking about their culture and diversity. She also loved the promise of nearly year-round sunshine. Following this, she packed up the car, made the drive down, and landed in Cardiff-by-the-Sea in North County San Diego.

Listen in as she talks about the differences between company culture in San Diego and the Bay Area.

April’s San Diego picks:

Favorite Tacos: Ranchos Cocina for vegan tacos

Favorite Coffee: Better Buzz in Encinitas & Swell Coffee in Del Mar

Favorite Beer: The Lost Abbey Confessional tasting room in Cardiff, which has several vegan options.

Visit CompassionateCoding.com to sign up for the company’s newsletter to get more content on emotional intelligence and creating more effective teams.

She can be found on Twitter: @aprilwnesel & @compassioncode

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