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Alessandra Lezama – CEO of AbacusNext

by Neal Bloom
Alessandra Lezama

Alessandra Lezama is the CEO of AbacusNext, a San Diego-based TaaS (technology-as-a-service) company. The company provides professionals at large with an ecosystem, where they are able to integrate and have access to all their applications in a private cloud.

Alessandra spent most of her upbringing in Spain, but also had the opportunity to experience living in other parts of the world, including Santa Monica and Mexico City. Upon traveling to San Diego to visit family, she fell in love with the palm trees and decided to stay.

Alessandra got her first gig in the tech world after meeting some people who had given her the opportunity to work on a project for a telecom company,. After doing well, she continued landing tech-centric opportunities and was later presented with the challenge of reinventing the way AbacusLaw operated. With a team, Alessandra was able to build Abacus Private Cloud, which acts as a “CIO-as-a-service,” as she calls it. Five years ago, Alessandra joined the AbacusNext team as their 29th employee and they now have over 450 people employed.

When she’s not in the office, you can find Alessandra outdoors, going on hikes, enjoying the beach, and going horseback riding. The team over at AbacusNext enjoys Mexican food so much that they have it catered every Wednesday for their all-hands meetings.

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