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Advancing Computer Vision with Komal Devjani and Liz Oz

by Neal Bloom

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AlwaysAI provides a platform that allows developers and enterprises to utilize deep learning and machine vision platforms to edge devices. Komal Devjani, a Developer Advocate, and Liz Oz, the Head of Marketing, gave us an inside look on what alwaysAI is up to. 

Liz was born in upstate NY, but grew up in Seattle where she studied Multimedia Design and Advertising at the Lake Washington Institute of Technology. She followed her education up with 5 years in the digital marketing field and another 10 running her own firm, Punchy. Here she helped small companies execute their marketing campaigns while utilizing digital products. Although she started at alwaysAI as a consultant, she was hired on as their head of marketing this past December. 

Komal was born in India, but grew up in Los Angeles. She studied political science at Cal, where she grew very interested in tech. Most recently, she worked as a product manager at EngineerAI, which introduced her to the world of AI, where she built relationships with the developer community. She has a rather unique role as a Developer Advocate, where she functions as a liaison between developers and the marketing team. She helps companies utilize their platform to its utmost potential while also providing the marketing team with developer feedback. 

Computer vision is a field of AI that gives sight to computers, allowing computers to identify images and videos the same way that humans do with their eyes. One of its most prevalent uses is in autonomous cars, which use this vision to prevent collisions. With such a wide array of uses, the company plans to expand horizontally into several industries.

The technology even has applications in the vaccine distribution process. On March 31st at 10:30am, alwaysAI is hosting a webinar to showcase the innovative uses of computer vision and how it can alter COVID-19 vaccine distribution by improving wait time, tracking vaccines, and monitoring those already vaccinated. If you’re interested in attending, please check out the registration link here.

Listen in to hear more about computer vision and how alwaysAI is helping developers grow this industry. 


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