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What’s Happening in San Diego Tech with Brittany Meiling

by Neal Bloom

Neal & Brittany comment on recent news, like (starting at 16:30):


Cloudbeds $82M

Gretel $3.5M

AristaMD $18M 


SD Life Changing/Startup SD – Who’s Hiring Airtable


Along with upcoming events:

Meta by Acai: Startup Community Networking – April 16 (new startup emerging to serve the virtual events space)

Advancing San Diego applications open

Top Tech Awards nominations 


Brittany Meiling is a senior reporter at the San Diego Union-Tribune, where she writes about startups, tech, e-commerce & brick-and-mortar retail, and some biotech.

Brittany found a passion for writing in her high school days, figuring her love for reading would translate to a love for writing. She knew she wanted to become a news reporter, and has pursued that for virtually her entire career. 

After graduating from Missouri State University in 2013, Brittany knew she wanted to move out to San Diego. She started her career writing for the San Diego Business Journal, where she served as its biotech reporter. Her goal was to write about general tech companies but another writer had already claimed the publication’s tech beat.

A one-off assignment about co-working spaces gave Brittany the opportunity to meet local entrepreneurs whom she felt would make great spotlights. These interactions inspired Brittany to pitch an entire beat dedicated to local early-stage companies. Brittany ended up writing a weekly startup column, which ended up being her most popular work, changing the way the SDBJ formatted their entire journal.

A few years into her career, Brittany reached out to the business editor at the SD Union-Tribune. The two grabbed coffee, and Brittany was able to land a job after making a pitch to the publisher about why they should write about startups. It’s been nearly two years since that encounter, and Brittany continues to tell the stories of exciting local startups and entrepreneurs.

Listen in to hear how Brittany Meiling got her start as a reporter, and get the scoop on her favorite local tacos.

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Brittany’s favorite local Mexican food:

Don Carlos Taco Shop in La Jolla

Tio Leo’s in Grantville


Keep up with Brittany:

Twitter: @BrittanyMeiling


Posting on the San Diego Tech Founders Facebook group


Keep up with the San Diego Union-Tribune: 

Instagram: @SanDiegoUnionTribune

Facebook: @SanDiegoUnionTribune

Twitter: @sdut


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