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Amy Chang – Entrepreneur & Angel Investor

by Neal Bloom
amy smiles, wearing a blue long-sleeve top

Amy Chang is an entrepreneur, angel investor, and healthcare analyst. 

Amy grew up in West Covina and attended college at UC Berkeley. After residing in the Bay Area for nearly a decade, she made her way out to sunny San Diego, a place in which Amy and her husband saw themselves having careers.

When Amy first moved to San Diego, she worked at AMN Healthcare and spent the next 14 years building a career there, eventually becoming the company’s VP of strategy and investor relations. Amy left the company and began dabbling in angel investing. She began networking and meeting other investors to learn more about becoming a better investor. 

To date, Amy has made investments in 34 companies, and has been involved with a few different angel networks, including Hera Angels and Tech Coast Angels.

Listen in to learn about Amy’s 14-year run at AMN Healthcare and how she made the transition into angel investing, as well as her favorite taco spot.

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Amy’s favorite local tacos:

Fish tacos at Lahaina Beach House in Pacific Beach

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