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Pulkit Agrawal – Co-Founder & CEO of The 5th Ingredient

by Neal Bloom

Pulkit Agrawal is the CEO and Co-Founder of The 5th Ingredient, a software startup that has developed a platform that breweries can use to track their data from grain to glass.

During his senior year at Harvard University, Pulkit was recruited to join Ballast Point as a process engineer. He started his role after graduating in 2015 and was able to take on several projects that gave him a solid foundational knowledge of beer, a beverage he enjoyed drinking but knew little about beforehand.

Pulkit left Ballast Point in 2017 to pursue a consulting career. As he began to help breweries, he realized something they all had in common was that they were using inefficient and non-digital ways to store and track their data. With his college-level knowledge of software engineering, Pulkit was able to develop an MVP (minimal viable product), and that was the beginning of The 5th Ingredient.

Listen in to hear how Pulkit went from starting his career at Ballast Point to founding The 5th Ingredient, and get the scoop on his favorite local tacos.

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Pulkit’s favorite tacos:
Vegetarian tacos at City Tacos in North Park

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