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Cody Barbo – Co-Founder & CEO of Trust & Will

by Neal Bloom

Cody Barbo is Co-Founder & CEO of Trust & Will, an online service making it easy, fast and secure to set up your estate plan.

Originally from Huntington Beach, Cody moved down to sunny San Diego to study at San Diego State University. The diehard Aztec broke out of his shell by pursuing leadership roles on campus, the most significant one being student body president.

During college, Cody had the entrepreneurial bug, hustling to get an app idea off the ground. After college, he co-founded a tech startup called Industry, which helped restaurants find and hire talent efficiently. After three years of growing the company, Cody was abruptly removed from his role as CEO. Although it hurt to leave a company he held so close to his heart, the young founder made peace with the decision and took some time off to focus on his upcoming wedding.

Some time had passed and Cody went to grab coffee with his friend, Daniel. Their casual conversation eventually led into a discussion about assets and what would happen to them once they passed. That conversation sparked the beginning of their digital estate-planning startup, Trust & Will.

Listen in to hear all about his experience building multiple startups, and get the scoop on his favorite local taco spot.

Thanks to our partners at Cox Business for their support in enabling us to grow the San Diego ecosystem.

Cody’s favorite local taco spot:
Tahona Bar in Old Town

Keep up with Cody:
Twitter: @CodyBarbo

Keep up with Trust & Will:
Facebook: @TrustAndWill
Twitter: @TrustAndWill
Instagram: @TrustAndWill

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