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Rob Rast – Co-Founder & CEO of FLX Bike and Miles Board

by Neal Bloom

Rob Rast is Co-Founder & CEO of both FLX Bike and Miles Board, which make electric bikes and skateboards that make commutes kinder to the air that we breathe.

Originally from Sacramento, Rob spent his childhood there but says he did most of his growing up in China. In 2009, at the age of 19, Rob dropped out of college and purchased a one-way ticket to China and lived there until just a couple years ago.

While in China, Rob learned the language and decided to start his first business selling wine imported from California. Rob learned that chasing money rather than passion wasn’t the right move, so he left the wine business to pursue an opportunity with an aviation company that was trying to break into the Chinese market. Rob quit his job after working with the company for a couple years to start businesses centered around products he was truly passionate about: electric bikes and nutrition.

Rob met his co-founder on Airbnb and moved back to the US to build the business. He came out to San Diego, where his partner and brother were already residing, and he’s been in the sunny city ever since.

Listen in to hear all about his experience moving to and building a business in China, and get the scoop on his favorite local tacos.

For their crowdfunding launch info, go to bm.flx.bike/optin-35443757 to reserve your “Baby Maker” electric bike for $1,000 off.

Thanks to our partners at Cox Business for their support in enabling us to grow the San Diego ecosystem.

Rob’s favorite local taco spots:
Taqueria Los Ruiz and Macho’s Mexican Grill, both in Pacific Beach

Keep up with Rob:
Instagram: @Rob.Rast

Keep up with FLX Bike:
Facebook: @flxbike
Twitter: @flxbike
Instagram: @flx.bike

Keep up with Miles Board:
Facebook: @ridemiles
Instagram: @milesboard

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