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2022 San Diego Tech Report | February 7, 2023

by Neal Bloom

By Neal Bloom & Fred Grier


2022 Year in Review 

Fred Grier and I used data from Crunchbase & Connect as well as news stories we’ve been sharing throughout 2022 to pull together a report for 2022. Check out Fred’s in depth article with insight from the data as well.


Overall, 2022 was a pretty good year in the 5 or 10 year average of San Diego years. While 2021 was a massive year for VC funds, 2022 still holds up as a lot of VC dollars found their way to San Diego Startups.


Total VC Funding:
2022 – $4.8B

2021 – $9.4B

2020 – $5.3B


How many of them were tech? 

    • 128 total tech deals 
    • 77 total biotech deals
    • 51 total tech/consumer deals


And there were some large fundings:

14 of $100m+ fundings

  • $625M National Resilience (bio)
  • $225M Shield AI (tech)
  • $200M Drata (tech)
  • $160M Rayzebio (bio)
  • $150M The Honest Kitchen (tech/CPG)
  • $147M Aspen Neurosciences (bio)
  • $120M Escient Pharmaceuticals (bio)
  • $115M BIOLINQ (bio)
  • $100M Events.com (tech)
  • $100M Powerflex Systems (tech) 
  • $104M Nalu Medical (bio)
  • $102M Plexium (bio)
  • $102M Capstan Therapeutics (bio)
  • $101M Endeavor Biomedicines (bio)


Read more in our 2022 Tech Year in Review here:



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